Professional Services RFPs

Minority Developer Program

At times PHDC will need to engage a consultant to support the work of our permanent staff or for adjunct services to our developments, programs and services. When we do, we’ll issue a Request for Proposals or Qualifications. Sign up for our mailing list and we’ll notify you when we post them. PHDC has two Professional Services RFPs at this time.

RFQ Minority Developer Program (MDP)

Note: Submission deadline extended to September 30, 2021 (revised 9/15/2021)

PHDC is pleased to issue this Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”). PHDC is seeking qualified small to mid-size, local real estate developers (herein, “Respondents”) interested in participating in PHDC’s Minority Developer Program (“MDP”). PHDC’s new initiative is designed to address the lack of diversity in the Philadelphia real estate development. MDP is a hands-on, business assistance program for small to mid-size developers and contractors in Philadelphia to promote wealth creation and business growth. It is a collaboration between PHDC, private and non-profit sectors. MDP is not only a technical assistance program, but it also will leverage public land and funding to create opportunities for small to mid-size developers to obtain contracts for real estate development projects, gain experience and improve their balance sheets.

Read PHDC’s Minority Developer Program Brochure to learn more.

For the RFQ please download all of the following documents:

PHDC will accept questions and requests for additional information directed in writing to through 3:00 P.M. on September 8, 2021. Questions, responses, and additional information will be posted on the PHDC website within seven (7) business days of September 8, 2021.

Submission Process
Response submission will only be accepted online by clicking the Online Submission button below:

Proposal Submission Deadline
Respondents must submit applications by September 30, 2021 by 3:00 PM; absolutely no applications will be accepted after that time.

RFQ for 4300 Ridge Avenue Public Art Project 2021

Note: Submission Deadline extended to September 30, 2021 (revised 8/17/2021)
PHDC and CRP/GO Ridge Flats Owner, LLC  are pleased to offer this opportunity for a public art project to be located at 4300-4312 and 4314-4326 Ridge Avenue. This property is being developed in coordination with the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA), which has adopted PHDC’s Percent for Art Program which requires developers building on land acquired from the public sector to commit one percent (1%) of their construction costs to original, site-specific works of art. PHDC and the Developer seek to commission a high quality, original, and site-specific public artwork that is integrated with the building’s design. Up to six (6) applicants (finalists) will be selected from the pool of applicants to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and will subsequently be invited to submit a proposal in response to an upcoming project Request for Proposals (RFP).

Please download the following document:

Questions/Requests for Additional Information
All questions and requests for additional information should be directed in writing to with “4300 Ridge Avenue Public Art RFQ” in the subject line. The deadline for questions is August 30, 2021 (8/30/21). Questions and/or requests for additional information and PHDC’s responses to them will be posted to this page.

Submissions will be accepted in one of of the following ways:

1. Online Submission – via the electronic portal below:

2. Email Submission — to via a file-sharing program such as Dropbox ( or Hightail (

Submission Deadline
Applicants must submit their response no later than September 30, 2021 (9/30/2021) by 4:00 pm; absolutely no response will be accepted after that time.

To get an idea of the work PHDC contracts out view our closed RFPs.