Whole Home Repair Fund

Whole Home Repairs FAQ

1. Is Whole Home Repairs a new program?

WHR funding is supporting Philly’s established home improvement programs- BSRP, AMP and BTL.

2. How is Philadelphia using Whole Home Repairs Program Funds?

In Philadelphia, funds from the Whole Home Repairs (WHR) Program will support established home repair programs in Philadelphia, including PHDC’s Basic System Repair Program (BSRP) and Adaptive Modifications Program (AMP)*, as well as the Philadelphia Energy Authority’s Built to Last (BTL) Program. In addition to home repairs for homeowners, WHR funds will support repair loans to small landlords and job training programs in the construction industry for residents.

3. How will I receive Whole Home Repair funding to repair my home?

In Philadelphia, all repairs are managed by local contractors.  The WHR Program does not provide direct funding for residents; applicants will not receive individual checks.

4. How can Philadelphia homeowners access WHR funds?

The City of Philadelphia Housing Benefits Tool is the best starting place to determine which of the City’s housing programs you may be eligible for. If the Housing Benefits Tool shows that you may be eligible to participate in BSRP, AMP, BTL, or another program, you will be instructed on next steps.

5. But I want to apply to the Whole Home Repairs Program. How do I apply for the Whole Home Repairs Program?

You are in the right place! When you apply for our home repair programs, you are applying for the programs supported by WHR funding. Applying to these programs is applying for Whole Home Repair.

6. Who is eligible for home improvement repairs?

Households with incomes that are below 60% of the Area Median Income and who own their homes* can apply for home repair services. You can learn about more programs to help residents with a wider range of incomes by using the Housing Benefits Tool.

7. Can I get all my home repair needs covered?

It depends on the types of repairs needed and scale of the problems your home is experiencing. BSRP, AMP, and BTL work to deliver critical home repairs, health and safety improvements, energy efficiency and clean energy improvements.

8. What repairs are covered?

All of our home repair programs work to make sure that properties have heat, water, a stable roof, and functioning electrical systems, including health, safety and energy efficiency improvements. 

9. The DCED state site says the program will spend $50,000 per property. Why is this different in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is prioritizing serving low-income households and improving the most properties with limited funding. Every county in Pennsylvania is different. The DCED (PA Department of Community and Economic Development) website outlines what counties may be able to do. Each county is responsible for determining how they will meet the local challenges in their community. Due to the overwhelming demand, not every type of repair that is permitted using WHR funds will be available in Philadelphia.

10. How much funding will be used to cover my home’s repair needs?

Before any repairs are made, your home will be assessed to identify all priority repair needs and the estimated cost to complete them. Philadelphia’s home repair programs utilize as many funding sources as possible to cover high-priority health and safety repair needs. The average amount spent to stabilize each home is $17,000 and additional funding may be leveraged to make homes healthy, safe, and energy efficient.

11. How much funding did Philadelphia receive?

Philadelphia received $21 million in WHR funds to support home repair programs for homeowners and landlords, and to build up our local workforce through training and pre-apprenticeship programs.

12. When will the program start?

All programs supported in part by WHR are open today. Job training programs are ongoing. For more information, visit https://philaenergy.org/programs-initiatives/green-training-programs/

13. Can renters and landlords benefit from WHR?

Everyone deserves to live in a safe, healthy, and affordable home, whether you own it or rent it. The City of Philadelphia is committed to ensuring that all residents have a safe and healthy place to live. Small landlords may not have the resources to make necessary repairs and improvements, so the WHR program included funding to help eligible small landlords invest in improving conditions in their rental properties.

14. I am a landlord. What do I need to do to access WHR funds?

Please visit PHDC’s Rental Improvement Fund (RIF) webpage to learn more about the loan program.

15. To access the Housing Benefits Tool, please visit: https://dpdhousingbenefits.phdcphila.org/#/

*For the AMP, renters with needs for modifications may be eligible.

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