Homeowners Maintenance Manual

PHDC’s Homeowners Maintenance Manual provides general information on maintaining your home and cutting energy costs. Your home is an asset that needs maintenance to preserve its value. Before beginning any home maintenance project, you should plan thoroughly, carefully assessing your own skill level, available tools, and working conditions.

Exterior Walls
Gutters and Downspouts
Plumbing Essentials
Diagram of Water Supply & Drain System
Diagram of Water Supply & Combined Sewer Drainage System
Water Heaters
Types of Heat
Diagram of Gas Hot Air Heating System
Electrical Sytem
Diagram of Circuit Breaker Box
Diagram of Fuse Box
How To Read an Energy Guide Label
Conserve Energy and Reduce Energy Bills
Maintenance Schedules

Download the Manual: BSRP Homeowners Manual 2022

Download the Spanish Manual: BSRP Homeowners Manual 2022 – Spanish

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