PHDC offers developers financing options and other resources to help make bring projects from conception to completion.

Rental Improvement Fund (RIF)

PHDC offers credit to small landlords for facility improvements in exchange for keeping the improved units affordable.

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Landlord Working Capital Loans

Provides short-term loans to landlords located in Philadelphia that own 15 or fewer units.

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Propose Affordable Housing Project

By making public land available at a
lower cost, PHDC supports housing affordable to low- and moderate-income families.

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Workforce (WFH) Credit Enhancement

PHDC offers a credit enhancement to developers creating workforce housing for middle-income households.

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Impact Development Fund

PHDC has partnered with PIDC to offer low-interest loans to support
commercial, industrial and mixed-use development in low-income Philadelphia neighborhoods.

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Funding Opportunities

At times PHDC will have funding opportunities tied to new programs.

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