Room Reservations

The 16th and 17th Floor Room Reservation Calendars can now all be accessed via this link .

1. For the following rooms, everyone has access to view the calendars to check for availability, but you must reach out to the listed contact person to reserve it:

To view a room

    1. Click on the calendar of the room you want to access.
    2. There, you will see dates and times that have already been reserved.
    3. Reach out to the listed contact person to reserve your preferred date and time.
    4. In the absence of one of the listed contact people, one of the other contact people can reserve a room for you. For example, if Cheryle is on vacation, either Beth or Denise can reserve a room on the 16th floor for you.

2. Everyone can now reserve the following conference rooms themselves by accessing the appropriate calendar in SharePoint:

  • 16th Floor Conference Room 1
  • 16th Floor Conference Room 2
  • 16th Floor Conference Room 3
  • 17th Floor Conference Room A
  • 17th Floor Conference Room B
  • 17th Floor Real Estate Conference Room

To reserve a room

a. Click on the calendar of the room you want to reserve.

b. If you hover your mouse over a date on the calendar, +Add will pop up in the bottom right corner of that date. See August 29th below.

c. A new window will open for you to reserve the room, much like creating an appointment in Outlook. See below.

d. The following fields must be completed to reserve it:

                                                              i.      Title – be sure to include your name

                                                             ii.      Start Time

                                                           iii.      End Time

e. All other fields are optional and should be completed depending on your needs.

                                                              i.      Description – If you want to provide more details than what the Title says

                                                             ii.      Category – Several options for you to select

                                                           iii.      All Day Event – check this box to reserve the room for the entire day

                                                           iv.      Recurrence – use this to repeat a meeting daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

f. After you save the reservation, you should see it on the calendar.

g. If you click on your reservation, a menu bar at the top will allow you to edit, delete, or attach a file to it.