Employee and Labor Relations

PHDC’s Human Resources (HR) Department is dedicated to creating and sustaining a positive work environment while promoting a fair, respectful and professional workforce through employee and labor relations.

Employee Relations focuses on ensuring that employees are happy, engaged and productive, fostering a good relationship between an employer and its employees.

Labor Relations is the interaction of employees, their exclusive representatives, and management to bilaterally resolve concerns affecting the working conditions of bargaining unit employees.

AFSCME Local 1971 (“the Union”) is the sole and exclusive representative for employees in the non-professional and professional bargaining units and the supervisory unit at PHDC.

The Union and Management have negotiated a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) governing aspects of the working conditions for the employees in the bargaining units and have met and discussed all the terms of the Supervisory Memorandum of Record (MOR). Copies of the current CBA and MOR can be found using the following links: