Basic Systems Repair Program

What is the Basic Systems Repair Program?

The Basic Systems Repair Program (BSRP) provides free repairs to correct electrical, plumbing, heating, limited structural and carpentry, and roofing emergencies in eligible owner-occupied homes in Philadelphia.

What types of emergencies are eligible?

You can apply for free major systems repairs if your home’s problems include:

  • Dangerous electrical conditions, such as overheating or sparking wiring or entire circuits that won’t stay on
  • Leaking or broken sewer lines
  • Leaking or broken water service lines
  • Violations from the Water Department, Philadelphia Gas Works, PECO or Philadelphia L&I
  • Roof leaks which have caused a 4 sq. ft. or larger section of ceiling to collapse (Small roof leaks are not considered emergencies)
  • Carpentry repairs to floors and joists and limited repairs to exterior walls.

What if my heater needs to be repaired?

The Heater Hotline provides free emergency heater repairs for eligible households. If the Heater Hotline staff determine that your heater needs to be replaced, they will forward your application to BSRP.

To apply for heater repairs only, call the Heater Hotline at 215-568-7190.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for free emergency repairs you must:

♦  Own and live in the single-family house with the problem

♦  Be current or under current payment agreement for both your property taxes and your water bill

♦  Meet the income guidelines

♦  Not own any other residential property

How do I apply?

Click on this link:

If you cannot apply online you may speak to a PHDC operator by telephone at 215-448-2160, Monday-Thursday from 9am until 4pm, and Friday 9am-Noon. Hearing impaired persons only call TDD at 215-448-2184.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Source, amount and frequency of income (before taxes) for every member of your household
  • Birthdate, gender, marital status, race and ethnicity for every member of your household

All repairs made by BSRP are in response to emergency situations. In order to prioritize your repair, you will need to provide:

  • Violation notice from L&I
  • Notice of defect from water department
  • Heater “tag” or notice of defect from PGW
  • Clear photos showing a ceiling collapse in a heated living area
  • Photos showing accumulation of sewage in basement from a leak in the main drain line

Download the Basic Systems Repair flyer in English and Spanish.

Download the Basic Systems Repair flyer in Chinese

Income Guidelines

Income is calculated using gross income for all members of the household.

Family SizeMaximum Annual
Household Income
More than 8
add per person
To see what repairs BSRP does and does not cover click on the image below to view an ebook or download the BSRP Basics Brochure

View a copy of the PHDC Homeowners Maintenance Manual.