Lower Eastwick Public Land Strategy

Public Land Strategy Enters Implementation Phase

This report marks the conclusion of a two-year endeavor that had two goals:

1) empower Eastwick residents through an inclusive process to shape the future of their community; and
2) provide a framework for responsible land use decisions to build a resilient neighborhood.

The consultant team, led by Interface Studio, looked at feasibility through three lenses: what the community aspires to, what the market will bear, and what is environmentally responsible. This Strategy was produced in partnership with a Steering Committee comprised of community residents and public-sector stakeholders. This process focused as much on informing and educating as it did on engaging and empowering.


In December of 2015, an agreement was reached with the New Eastwick Corporation (NEC) to release any development rights for 134 acres of land in Eastwick. The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority and the City committed financial compensation to NEC and agreed to carry out a planning and feasibility study to engage the community in determining the best use for the land.



Steering Committee Members

Glen Abrams –
General Manager, Public Affairs, Philadelphia Water Department
Paul Brauer –
Chief Operating Officer, Brown’s Super Stores, Inc.
Margaret Cobb –
Eastwick Neighborhood Representative
Martine DeCamp –
City Planner, Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Danielle Floyd 
Director of Capital Programs, School District of Philadelphia
Gregory Heller –
Senior Vice President of Community Investment, PHDC
Executive Director, Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority
Christine Knapp
Director, Office of Sustainability
Maryanne Mahoney –
Government Affairs Manager, Philadelphia International Airport
Scott Page –
Founder & Principal, Interface Studio LLC
Christopher Sample –
Chief of Staff for Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, Philadelphia’s 2nd Council District
Norma Santos –
Eastwick Neighborhood Representative
Karanja Slaughter –
Special Projects Coordinator, PHDC
Leonard Steward –
Eastwick Neighborhood Representative
Barbara Strand
Real Property Director, School District of Philadelphia
Ting Wang –
Senior Business Services Manager, Philadelphia Commerce Department
Terry Williams –
Liaison, Eastwick Friends & Neighbors Coalition