Annual Reports

The 2016-2017 report for the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC) provides information on its work to facilitate community development and to revitalize neighborhoods across the City. Through the home improvement and preservation programs, homes become more structurally sound, mechanically safe, energy-efficient and accessible. The preservation of homes is crucial for stabilizing neighborhoods, improving the quality of housing stock and preventing homelessness by keeping residents in their homes.

In December of 2016 Philadelphia’s City Council approved the issuance of $60 million in bond funds to eliminate the waiting lists of the Basic Systems Repair Program (BSRP), Adaptive Modifications Program (AMP), and Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). Previously, the waiting lists for these programs were 3-4 years, with over 7,000 Philadelphians waiting for services and repairs.

The City considers these programs, and this bond issuance, key to keeping seniors and low-income individuals and families in safe, functioning homes that remain affordable. PHDC is very proud to have helped thousands of Philadelphia residents and created jobs throughout the City since 1964.