Community Gardens Open Space and Recreational Areas Check Property

Let’s find out if the lot you are interested in is available for a community garden, open space or recreational area. In the map below enter the address of the lot in the search bar and hit return. If the lot shows up in orange, you can apply to use that lot. You can apply to use multiple properties if they are next to each other. Please note: Land Management reserves the right to not sell or lease property in its sole discretion.

If the vacant property you are interested in does not show up as orange that could mean one of two things. It could be a publicly owned property that is not available, or it could be privately owned. If it is privately owned you may want to contact the owner to seek permission to use the lot as a garden. If it is publicly owned, you can ask PHDC about a temporary agreement for a garden or open space. You can ask about a temporary agreement by emailing