Thank you for visiting the PHDC website. Please note that PHDC offices are closed as part of Philadelphia’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. While PHDC offices are closed we will not accept new Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to purchase publicly owned land. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we respond to the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.

Properties in public inventory can be repurposed for many uses. Public land can become a side yard, a community garden, a rec center, or affordable housing. It can support new and expanded businesses. PHDC’s goal is to turn vacant land into an asset for the neighborhood and its residents.

Development RFPs

Sometimes we want a property used a particular way. When we do, we’ll put out a Request for Proposals.

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Competitive Sales

Some properties that PHDC will sell for development will be sold through a competitive process.

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Side or Rear Yards

Residents who live next to a vacant lot owned by a public agency may be able to buy it for a side or rear yard.

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Community Gardens, Open Space and
Recreational Areas

Community gardens help residents get to know each other, manage stormwater and help provide fresh food to neighbors.
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Land for Business Expansion

PHDC wants to help your business build on its success. If there is a publicly-
owned parcel near your business that
can help you expand and create jobs,
we want to help make that happen.

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Propose Affordable Housing Project

By making public land available at a
lower cost, PHDC supports housing affordable to low- and moderate-income families.

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