Neighborhood Infrastructure Driveway Repair

Program applications are now open. broken drivewayContact the office of your local City Council member to begin program intake.

To be considered for submission into the Neighborhood Infrastructure Driveway Program, you must qualify under the following program guidelines:

1. Must be a driveway that has two points of egress and located in the city of Philadelphia. The driveway must have structural damage that includes; large concrete craters or holes, crumbling pieces of cement or asphalt, etc. Dead end driveways are not eligible for the program.

The driveway should provide vehicular access and private parking to five or more private residences. Where required, shared driveways shall have a minimum paved width of 18 ft.

The shared driveway shall have a minimum paved width of 15ft when serving residential properties on two sides and a minimum paved width of 12ft when serving residential on one side only.

2. Identify a neighborhood contact to notify households on the block(s) of the repair timeline.

3. Must confirm the number of households located on both sides of the driveway in addition to your trash and recycle collection day.

4. Complete a neighborhood petition list that has 80% participation.

5. Submit pictures of driveway damage with your intake request.

To begin program intake, please visit the Find My Council Member page to contact your local councilmember.

Download the driveway repair flyer here.