Side and Rear Yards

Thank you for visiting the PHDC website. Please note that PHDC offices are closed as part of Philadelphia’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. While PHDC offices are closed we will not accept new Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to purchase publicly owned land. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we respond to the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.

If you live next to a vacant lot owned by a public agency you may be able to buy it for a side or rear yard. You may also be able to buy it at a greatly reduced cost.

The property must:

  • Be vacant without any structure on it
  • Touch the purchaser’s property on a side or rear lot line
  • Be in a neighborhood where the median home sales price is less than $75,000 (a homeowner in a higher-priced neighborhood may be eligible if he/she has lived in their home for seven years and is currently maintaining the lot)

Side and rear yards are eligible for discounted or nominal pricing. The purchaser will be responsible for closing costs. The new property owner is responsible for maintaining the lot per the City code.

Please find the side or rear yard on this property map to find out if it is available for purchase.

This brochure explains the program.